A New Beginning

I have tossed back and forth the idea of starting a blog.  My life has been both fairy tale and tragedy.  The one thing I have learned through it all is God is good…all the time.   Sometimes we are so caught up in pain and grief that we don’t think He is,..or better yet, we forget He is.  I used to scratch my head in wonder and think, “how could the Hebrew people forget all the great things that God had done for them?”  But that’s how we are.  God had Moses write it all down so the people would not forget.

If the Israelite’s needed Moses to write down all the great things God had done for them…and they had witnessed this greatness full in the face…then I need to write what God has done for me down as well.  Not only to help me remember, but so that my children and my children’s children will know.

So starting soon, I will be writing about my past and my present.  God is the only One who knows what the future holds, but I trust Him completely with that, because as I said before, He is good…all the time.  He has plans for me that are good.  Jeremiah 29:11

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One Response to A New Beginning

  1. Actually, your life could be a Lifetime made for TV movie 🙂

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