Free Will

Have you ever wondered how easy it would have been for God…and us…if we didn’t have free will?

Like the Dallas Holm song of old says, “if all I ever knew was what He told me, then all I’d want to do is live for Him.”   Oh how true

Truthfully, I never gave free will much thought…that is, until I had children.  It doesn’t take long for them to flex and stretch and exercise their free will…or at least attempt to.

Now that they are older, I find it much more frightful…for me, that is.  You raise them in the fear and admonition of the Lord as best you know how, and then you set them free to make their own choices.

I find that my prayers for them have changed from , “Jesus, keep them safe driving to school and work and bring them home safe as well,” to, “Holy Spirit, I know you live in them, help them to make the right decisions about every little and big thing in their lives”.

This prayer turns from me speaking to God, to Him speaking to me, assuring me that I can lay all my fears at His feet.  He can take care of them so much better than I can.Image

Here are my sweet children…young adults now. God is doing a great work in them…in us…in our family. Praise His name!!

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