There is so much pressure from the “world” to HAVE

Have the best house, yard, car
Have the best clothes, shoes, jewelry
Have the best tv, iPod, tablet or laptop
My head spins with all the possible lists…

I look around my house, car, work, closet…I have everything I need.  In fact, much more than I need. What I really want to do this year, is give half of my “stuff” away. I hold on to things more out of personal attachment than need… for example: “my mom gave me that sweater” She’s been hanging out with Jesus for twelve years now, so I think the sweater is a little out of style…I probably won’t even be able to give it away.

But the truth is there are plenty of things my mom and dad (he joined my mom at Jesus’ feet three years ago) gave me that are far more important to keep, like putting my trust in God, that He has everything under control. They both taught me by example…about being an honest person, having integrity and character, to seek God’s face, to forgive, to love…

Seriously, I think that we all need to learn to have less “tangible” and to acquire more “intangible”…the things that truly matter most.

What would be on your list of “intangibles”?

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