Jesus, Superman, and John Wayne

I just watched the trailer for the new Man of Steel.  How things have changed since I was a little girl watching reruns of the series starring George Reeves.  Geroge Reeves

When I look back at my childhood, I always remember feeling safe.  You see, my Superman called himself Bud.  He was my dad.  I know that he would give his life to protect me, my mom, and my sisters.

He was mild-mannered, just like superman.  His strength came from his relationship with Jesus.  He was a man of integrity and character, whose faith in God directed his steps.

John Wayne

As I got older, I thought he was really more like John Wayne.  He even looked like John Wayne, in my opinion anyway.  I wish I had a picture of my dad to post, I will have to look for one so you can compare the two.

His love for God and country made me proud.  After the World Trade Center attacks and we declared war on terrorism, my son, maybe 12 at the time, asked his grandpa if he would go to war.  “I would enlist today, if the Army would take me back” was his response.

During WWII, he enlisted in the Army (when he was 17) and was soon on a ship headed toward Japan.  After a few years he was asked to be private detail to General Douglas MacArthur but he missed his family.  So he came home, went back to high school, and graduated with my Aunt Lenore.

He told me once, “don’t sell yourself short, work hard, you are smarter than you think.”   Like many in Akron, Ohio, he worked in the tire industry.  On the side, he installed pumps and water softener systems.  Eventually he stepped out in faith, quit his job at Seiberling Rubber Company, and started his own business.

He worked hard, many nights coming in after dark.  Many times, he brought home what he’d accepted as payment for a job well done…home-grown tomatoes, a gun, even a snake encased in plastic (it was a pen and pencil holder).

He showed us what service to Jesus was all about.  He helped those in need, he drove a church bus, taught Sunday school, sang in the choir, sang in a family trio, and a quartet.  He was wise and always gave the right advice, but you had to ask for it.  His patience was endless, I rarely saw him angry.

If I had the opportunity to ask him who he would most want to be like…Superman, John Wayne, or Jesus…his answer would be Jesus….always Jesus.

This is my longing as well…to be like Jesus.

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5 Responses to Jesus, Superman, and John Wayne

  1. Debbi says:

    That’s awesome Trace! You were blessed to have such a great dad!

  2. thanks Debbi, I truly was

  3. Wendy says:

    Love the story, Tray! I’m glad I got to live it with you!

  4. Jan says:

    How blessed you are, Tracey, to have had such a great man of God as your father. I can see how you are who you are from this.

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